"Pain is temporary, pride is forever."

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EVANS, Janet

In Swim-City's Swimheroes you find brief biographies of the world's elite swimmers of today and yesterday, or swimheroes for short. Discover who won seven gold medals at one Olympics, who was the first to break the one-minute barrier for 100m freestyle for women and much more...

In the Swim City Library you find lots of quality articles about swimming psychology, coaching, injuries, technique and more, all written by coaches and swimmers. The top 5:

Rank  Description Votes  Score
1Longer boats are faster155
2Faster breaststroke55
3Training Pieter van den Hoogenband: Preparing for Athens134.92
4Long course training in a short course pool134.85
5Cramping Your Style "Dealing With Cramps In The Pool"1244.83

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The Catalyst is the state-of-the-art in training paddle design. Large range of color coded sizes great for many levels.

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