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Help Lowering Times With Butterfly
Posted by: PhnxDown ()
Date: February 05, 2008 05:14AM

Hey, before i start with my long winded little story and plea for help here, i figure that i should state that i'm pretty new to this site and well, to forums in general. Now that thats out of the way, here goes. I started swimming competetively Freshman year (i'm a junior now) and found that I really enjoyed swimming. One year and two college level swim camps later, I learned how to swim butterfly and decided that I abso-frickin-lutely love swimming. Well Sophomore year, I started out my 100 yard fly at 1:25, and then dropped it down to 1:16, and finally to 1:12. This year, I've managed to drop it down to 1:09. Of course with success also comes injury, so i'm currently recovering from a rather bad case of tendonidus (sp?) in my right shoulder which has kept me from swimming fly for almost a month now. KVACS are coming up, and after that states (which i qualified for, WEWT!) and i've recovered enough to swim fly in both. My hope is to cut my time down to 1:05 by the end of the season (two more weeks). This brings me to the first part of this request, does anyone have any tips on dropping 4 seconds? I'll accept any form of help at all.

The second part of this is for the off season. Apart from a couple swim camps, our pool really isn't open to off season swimming, so i've decided to do some weight training, dieting and other things like that to beat myself into top shape. Unfortunately, i have no idea what exactly would help me to become a better flyer. I'll be able to swim for an hour on tuesdays and thursdays so at least i won't go out of practice, but i really do need to do something if i wanna break a minute before graduation. I'm also meeting with the school trainer to get dieting and weight training tips from him. Essentially, i'm searching for any tips, tricks and tidbits of advice possible that'll help me drop ten seconds off my time over the course of a year. If you want, i might be able to get someone to tape me doing fly in order to show you guys where i'm at.

I honestly can't explain it, but i just have a driving need to do better than i currently am. Also as a side note, i do Karate which may or may not affect my swim training. Thanks for any help given (and thanks for enduring my little tangent, but seriously, i'm worse in person ;P)

-Go in hard, come out wet!

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